See what actual clients have to say about Living Healthy Medical and NAD

I’ve been doing the therapy with Living Healthy Medical and what Dr. Johns told me was 100% accurate and true. This product (NAD) is incredible. You’ll feel better than you’ve felt in your life. It will save your life, and it may have just saved my life.
— -Mike, was addicted to opiates

I did the 10-day program and then later followed up with a 5-day program as a booster.
— M.H., was addicted to crack cocaine

I came in anxious, foggy headed and a little apprehensive and over the course of 10 days, my foggy mind went away and the nervousness and anxiety went away. Day 1, I had no more cravings, and from day 2 to 3, I noticed that I had a good, clear mind. I’m excited and fired up and ready to get back at it. I have a bustling business to get back to.
— R.P., was addicted to alcohol

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