Clean in 10 Days + Break the Relapse Cycle


Recover From Addiction the Outpatient Way


Benefits of NAD

Gets Rid of Cravings

As the brain is restored with foundational molecules, cravings stop within 2-3 days

Eliminates Brain Fog

In the process of supplying vital nutrients, brain clarity and memory is restored without substituting a different addictive substance.

Safe Detox

Our program diminishes detox withdrawals without the painful struggle of PAWS, as the body accepts the naturally occurring NAD, it is restored to wholeness with little side effects.

At our treatment center we use IV infusion of NAD to dramatically increase and balance your NAD levels—allowing your body’s cells to produce more energy, and allow damaged DNA to be repaired. NAD detox can have life-changing in the treatment of conditions like:

  • Alcohol

  • Opiates

  • Cocaine

  • Prescription Medicines

I fell into an opiate addiction that about destroyed my life. Dr. Johns and Dr. Beerman made me feel really at home. I was worried about the detox, and the withdrawal symptoms because I know what I’ve been through before. By day 3, I started walking and jogging to the office. So, to come out of 10 days and not be craving is a really big deal.
— Ryan, who was addicted to opiates

We administer NAD certified with a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing the standards for purity and the highest quality by an FDA approved facility.


We are conveniently located 20 miles north of Buckhead.


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